“Healing” Objets d’art Shine in Minerals in Medicine

NIH recently partnered with the Smithsonian to bring unique minerals related to medicine to the Clinical Center. Check out the link below to learn more! “Healing” Objets d’art Shine in Minerals in Medicine Fun Fact: Zinc is a metal used throughout our bodies in many ways, including immune function, brain activity, and growth and development. […]

Jack Martinelli donates 16 paintings to NIH!

ARTIST STATEMENT My art career began when Abstract Expressionism was recognized as the new American Art. Exhibitions at New York galleries made a lasting impression— to make a visual conceptual statement. Over the years, I have traveled to understand how artists perceive life in their time and have seen original art collections in historical context […]

The Clinical Center Fine Arts Program’s Walking Tour Brochure is Now Available!

The Clinical Center’s Fine Arts Program has collected and displayed art since 1984. A self-guided walking brochure has been created to allow patients, staff and visitors to easily locate and learn about works of art throughout the building. With this brochure in hand, a person can navigate to the 130 numbered locations of art across […]

National Institutes of Health Donations

The leading role NIH played and still does in the arts for healing generates many donations. FFA established procedures for artistic donations – how to submit, guidelines for acceptance, donor responsibilities. These procedures have been adopted by other government agencies and private facility FFA transferred images to wall coverings for installation in extreme bio-hazard and […]

Guided tours now available to view hospital artwork at NIH

As you walk down nearly every hallway of the Clinical Center’s Hatfield building, you can admire artwork in the form of landscapes, photography, sculptures and much more. To help patients, their families and staff view the nearly 130 pieces of artwork on display, the Clinical Center Fine Arts Program now offers personalized tours of the […]

Jimmy Miracle’s Silver Triangle now on display at NIH!

ARTIST STATEMENT I am interested in the accumulation, repetition, and presentation of ordinary objects, materials, and images. My purpose is to use the physicality of minimally altered forms to question perception and the nature of reality both on a personal and cultural level. I am after a kind of inept monumentality built from repetitious labor […]

Laurel Lukaszewski shows at NIH!

Artist Statement: I am fascinated by repetitive forms found in nature, in patterns that seem to make sense out of chaos. I enjoy the poignancy that exists on the edge of celebration and loss, capturing the nostalgia that occurs when one suddenly experiences something long forgotten. Most of my installations identify with the idea of […]

Lore of the Horse shows power, strength of the Chinese brush

Powerful brushstrokes reflect the tradition of the Far East representing this Year of the Horse with the work of Washington area artist Tracie Griffith Tso in an exhibit at the Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health, July 14 through September 5, 2014. This dual media exhibit explores Chinese brushpainting on paper and pottery, […]

Leslie Shellow’s Site Specific Installation at NIH!

Leslie Shellow has created a site specific installation in one of NIH’s display cases on the third floor of Building 10! Check out the images and Leslie’s artist statement below. Artist Statement: My work emerges out of my experience of nature as a simultaneous force of beauty and destruction. While walking in the woods, along […]

Artist Rebecca Kamen Donates Six Paintings to NIH

Artist Rebecca Kamen Donates Six Paintings to NIH