Medicine for the Public artwork shines again in CC gallery

Words [ Sue Kendall ] Like beautifully colored gems extracted from a dark cave, original illustrations created for the Clinical Center’s popular Medicine for the Public (MFP) lecture series have been pulled from storage, framed, and put on display in Gallery I. The Medicine for the Public lecture series was created by the CC in 1977, […]

Healing waters fountain now in courtyard

The fountain and statue Healing Waters, created by Azriel Awret and purchased by NIH in 1987, has been moved to the courtyard to the west of the Atrium. Its previous locations were the Lipsett Auditorum waiting area by the shark tank and at the base of the escalator between the first and second floors. This bronze sculpture […]

Mixing Art into the Science of Healing

Martha Jefferson Hospital, Charlottesville Words [ Rick Piester ] For most people, hospitals can be pretty scary places. As a patient or a patient’s family, you seldom feel in control. Most of the time, you are there because something is wrong. Hospital buildings are big, and many of them are confusing and easy to get […]

Both art and artist inspire at the Clinical Center

There is a large red dog on the Hatfield Center’s third floor, a blooming lily in the hallway outside radiology and boats floating in the travel office. Thankfully, the dog does not bark, the lily is bright and fresh every day and the boats take up little space-because each is a piece of artwork in […]

Clinical Center Art Series: Familiar images adorn Hatfield Clinical Center walls

Walk into most clinics or hospitals and you will be greeted with plenty of “corporate art.” You know the type. The photograph of a butterfly with the word, “Change,” emblazoned at the bottom. Or perhaps it is a sun-bleached poster-print of something that purports to be impressionism. The artwork displayed throughout the Clinical Center, however, […]

Hope flows from one patient to another in summer art tile project

A treasure chest of frustration. A lone goldfish swimming in a bowl. The word “hope” stretched across a sunrise. These are just a few of the themes of masonite tiles decorated by Clinical Center patients as part of a project called “The Art of Healing: The patient tile project.” The Recreation Therapy Section’s goal for […]

‘Nature Boy’ pops up in Clinical Center courtyards

No, you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you. There is an elf of sorts visiting the courtyards and walls of the Clinical Center, and he hopes to bring a smile to your face. His name, or the name of the series of photographs to be more precise, is “Nature Boy,” the work of Pennsylvania artist Keith Sharp. […]

Local artist inspired to donate painting after sharing NIH connection

Artist Carol Brown Goldberg understands the importance of art in an environment dedicated to healing and medicine. “I think it is the most important place to put art,” she said. Goldberg donated her painting “If You Believe, You Get First Choice” to the Clinical Center in February. Goldberg’s decision was motivated by a chance meeting […]

Former Patient’s Art explores inner and outer landscape

The most recent addition to the Clinical Center’s permanent art collection-a program to enhance the patient experience-comes from one of the target audience. River Cells is an oil painting by former patient Paula Crawford, an associate professor of painting at George Mason University who has exhibited nationally and internationally. “I’ve been an artist most of […]