Silver Triangle, 2014  Oak, filament, silver leaf, oxidized copper leaf, black velvet

Silver Triangle, 2014
Oak, filament, silver leaf, oxidized copper leaf, black velvet

I am interested in the accumulation, repetition, and presentation of ordinary objects, materials, and images. My purpose is to use the physicality of minimally altered forms to question perception and the nature of reality both on a personal and cultural level. I am after a kind of inept monumentality built from repetitious labor and craft with humble materials. I seek majestic frailty and the curious sacred. Transforming the idioms of pop, minimalism, and conceptual art, I suggest spiritual narratives with ontological possibilities. I am interested in how ordinary materials and humble stories can form meaning and question our presuppositions about how we perceive reality. I employ prayerful, imaginative creation to approach these ontological questions.

Jimmy Miracle repetitiously weaves mundane objects and forms such as spaghetti strainers, air conditioners, armoires, ladders, octagons, rectangles, and triangles with shimmering filament to elevate them into curious, sacred objects of aesthetic wonder. He was born in Florida in 1982 and received a B.A. in painting from Belhaven College in 2004. He began his art career while living in Brooklyn from 2006-2011, and he has lived in the Washington, DC metro area from 2011-2014. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany. While in New York, he worked as a studio assistant for Jeff Koons and studied drawing at the Art Student’s League of New York. He has had solo and group shows in New York, Berlin, London, and Washington, DC including StorefrontBushwick, Outlet Fine Art, HKJB, the Islip Art Museum, and The Castle Gallery. His most recent solo shows in Washington, DC include “Wearing Ethereal” at Flashpoint Gallery in 2013 funded by a grant from Cultural DC and “Yantras” at Neptune Fine Art in 2014.