Being in the hospital can be very stressful. It is FFA’s belief that thoughtfully selected original art is so much more than a simple distraction; it is a source of healing inspiration and hope.

— Lillian Fitzgerald

Established in 1983, Fitzgerald Fine Arts (FFA) is a full-service consulting firm providing original artwork acquisition, archival framing, security installation, and a comprehensive inventory of existing and new art collections. FFA is a small woman-owned business that works with complete transparency. Unlike most consulting firms, we do not take a commission on artwork sold to the client. Completely turnkey, we do all consulting, framing, transport, and installation, which allows us to work with great efficiency and added value to the client. We are committed to complementing and enhancing the physical space while creating an environment for emotional and physical healing. FFA is at the forefront of the person-centered arts in the healthcare movement, and is dedicated to providing services reflecting the vision of the client. Together, with the facility, design team, and community, FFA will create a space of healing that is innovative and unique.